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Sandy Campbell's Home Marketing Plan


Charleston Mothers and More Newcomers Club


"Sandy Campbell is everything you could want in a real estate agent - knowledgeable, practical, connected, persistent and responsive. We bought our house before it was listed, solely because Sandy knew exactly what we were looking for and when the right property became available she moved quickly. We will always and only choose, and recommend, Sandy."
Matt Bailey matt.bailey@fuqua.duke.edu


"Sandy was an invaluable resource. We were new to the area and really had no sense of the market. She showed us a number of properties that all fit within our criteria and didn't waste our time with the ones that didn't. We found a great house in the neighborhood where we wanted to live. I would recommend her without a bit of reservation."
Mike & Jill Murphy ml_murphy@hotmail.com


"Sandy listens, cares, gives you her honost opinion, and will not let you buy a house if it is not the perfect fit. Her wits, knowledge, and personality has made the experience of buying a new home quite fun. She was fantastic in searching for a house, negotiating the contract, and checking on us after we bought the house. Her resources are never ending.
Adina Sobieski asobieski@suttlecpas.com